Best Brands of Lipsticks in India

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Make up and cosmetics is one thing that every woman has been using since a long time as it makes them look beautiful and confident. Make up has always been used to sharp their features and help in looking flawless. The most important and loved product of make up that every girl uses on daily basis are lipsticks. Lipsticks is that one product that can be found in every girl bag. Many of them uses lipstick on the daily basis that is why it is very important to choose the best brands of lipsticks for everyday use which should not affect your skin too.


Lakme is one of the best brands for cosmetics and for lipsticks too. Some of the best lipsticks of lakme are Lakme 9 to 5 scarlet rose, absolute cream lipstick, lakme enrich satin are most popular lipsticks that you can buy at the price of around 200INR to 700INR.


Mac is one of the most famous and a well-known brand for lipstick and other beauty products, MAC lipsticks has many different shades but are totally worth it. There are many shades of lipsticks available here at the price range from 1000 to 3000INR.

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Faces Canada is also one of the most popular brands that you can buy for regular wear. The lip sticks here keep your lips moisturized and gives a complete natural and matt finish look. The price of faces starts from 300 and goes up to around 1200INR.


Maybelline is also a very famous brand in India that is used by most of the women here. There are many shades that are available here that can be used for long wear. The price of Maybelline lipsticks are not as expensive like the other brands mentioned above.

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These are some of the best brands of lipsticks that you can choose to buy. These brands are considered to be the most preferred brands by most of the people all over the world. The lipsticks can be used for daily basis that can give you a sharp and flawless look. We hope you have liked this article and found it interesting and found all the info you are searching for. For any doubts or quires, feel free to contact us. Keep visiting so that you don’t miss on the latest post related to beauty products, skin care and hair treatment.

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