Best Moisturizers for great skin


Moisturizers keeps the dermatologist away. For a healthy skin, moisturizing it twice a day is essential. The effect of moisturizer does miracles to your skin in several ways, it protects your skin from weather conditions, defends against acnes, makes you look younger as it reduces the aging lines and wrinkles, acts as a sunscreen protection and is also the base before you apply your make up, these signs tells you why moisturizing is so important to you. Moisturizers are available for different skin type too, so ensure opting the right one based up on your skin type. Hence, to keep your skin healthy and glowing you do not how to do a lot of work, use moisturizer.

Not sure about which one to pick? Check out this list of best moisturizer, India for great results

Olay Moisturizing skin cream

Olay, introduced in 1952 has become a well renowned brand. Olay Moisturizing skin cream is preferred for all skin types. You can witness the instant glow on your face as it hydrates your skin quickly. It lights to wear on skin and is not too greasy as well which makes your skin look smooth and refreshing. It lacks the SPF effect, which is a drawback.

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream

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Looking for best moisturizer, India? The Body Shop, introduced 1976 by Anita Roddick is one of the most popular brands in the skin care world. The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream has the ability to keep your skin hydrated for hours together due to its special formulations. It comes with Aloe vera and as we know aloe does great to your skin and what would be better if it comes to you in tub-packaging for ease of application along with a mild fragrance. But the alcohol contamination is not preferred by many.

Biotique Bio Winter Cherry Rejuvenating Body Lotion

Biotique, introduced in 1952 by Vinita Jain is known for its anti-chemical products. The body lotion is made with extracts of ashwagandga, almond oil, rai oil, surajmukhi oil and jatamansi oil which will instantly nourish and moisture your skin. It is best for people of all age group and skin types. The chemical free product will not cause your skin any damage which grabs a lot of attention from the potential customers.

Opting anyone of the above-mentioned best moisturizer, India would be one of your best decisions to maintain your skin healthy and glowing. Thank you for reading.

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